New generation asset protection

The Novum Guard Ltd. security-specialized company thats main profile consists providing security services for retail chains, logistics centers, factories and large
corporate sites; supervision of logistics processes; together with coordination of entry and exit and damage prevention.

Our services

Security services for factories and large corporate sites

Inspection of logistics processes, cargo escort

Security audits, consultancy

Site access coordination

Damage prevention

Manned guarding services for small retail chains, theft prevention

Security services for logistics centers, supervision of the transit of goods

Front office and customer service

Event safety

Installation and operation of security systems

Our mission

We provide support for the security requirements of our partners with high-quality service. The Novum Guard Ltd. integrates into the workflow of its principals as a true partner.

Executive summary

Our plans for the future include expanding the range of our services with fire- and workplace safety and support for legal aspects of asset protection. In short-term, our goal is to further strengthen our nationwide coverage with creating support centers in the countryside.

We take pride in the fact that all of our partners are satisfied with our work, our corporations are stable and long-term.

We are certain, that in case you choose our company, you are going to be as satisfied with our services as our current partners. We sincerely hope that the introduction of our company will be to your liking and that we can also get to know you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions!

With strict requirements in asset protection

Asset security services are a trust-based, regulated activity. This is
why our principles are legality and transparency.

Our specialty is damage prevention and value protection
at small and large retail chains.

We have an exceptionally high value professional liability

Our colleagues receive online and offline training

We provide 0-24 availability through our dispatch services with an accurately built
manager on-call duty system.
We react to crisis situations immediately, in real time.

We work nationwide, with more than 100 locations in the countryside: retail stores, factories,
logistics centers. We are in a continuous, daily, personal contact with our guards, retail and
factory managers, and the safety managers of our partner companies.

Discretion, protection of personal rights and avoidance of confrontation are
important to us. We aim to avoid confrontation. We train our colleagues in
assertive conflict management.

We have several ISO standards: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, that include environmental and
health certifications as well.

Up-to-date solutions in asset protection

In 2020 we digitalized our shift-registration an on-call systems. This way we can get in contact with all of our colleagues at the sam time, day or night, nationwide.

For the quick flow of information required for damage-protection our colleagues use a common and safe communication platform.

Our work organization is digitalized and cost-effective - in compliance with the expectations of our time. We analyze our infventory monthly and focus on the problematic areas with realignments and further inspections.

Family-friendly workplace

The financial stability of our colleagues is important to us, we provide comfortable, high-quality workwear that is adaptable to the weather. We care for the appearance of our employees. Instead of expecting this from our principals, we take care of them ourselves: we provide a healthy and comfortable workspace, we listen to their complaints and solve their problems.

We are a family-friendly company. Through our partners, we provide stable and predictable livelihood for more than 300 families. Among many other ways, we take care of our colleagues with families with travel reimbursement, holiday-bonuses, and even support connected to the start of the school year.


Novum Guard Kft.

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H-1037 Budapest, Montevideó utca 16/B.

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